Sailplane runway at Münster

The header image above shows the view from near Bellwald of the two airstrips in the Goms: an active sailplane runway at Münster, and a disused airstrip further east at Ulrichen, which is now only used for ground based activities.

Capture Flugplatz Muenster

Airspace around Münster sailplane runway

The Münster runway and rectangular area around it marked in red should not be overflown at less than 1950m ASL. The circular area marked in black is declared a danger zone in which increased attention is recommended.  In theory, we could be forbidden to fly in the whole of this area, but the airfield management allows us an exception to the normal rule (that hang gliders and paragliders may not fly within 5km of certain types of civilian air operation).

In practice, you may well find yourself sharing a thermal with a sailplane anywhere in the area on good flying days in the summer. From their perspective, we fly quite slowly and are easy to avoid, so there is no need for excessive concern, though it can be quite scary if you are near cloudbase!  I have been told that local sailplane pilots refer to paragliders as “confetti”, because we help to mark lift for them as if we were inanimate objects. If you give a friendly wave, the pilot and/or passenger will usually wave back; I suspect they think we are quite mad………