Zürich air lane

If you plan to fly from Fiesch to Chur, you should be aware of an area of airspace labelled “A9.2 Delta Zurich” on the aeronautical chart.  The boundaries are shown by the two thick blue lines in the header image.  It defines a region in which our ceiling (the floor of Class C airspace) is restricted to FL130 (3950m ASL at standard QNH) on a permanent basis (not just at MIL ON times).  Obviously, this only makes any difference to us during MIL OFF periods, because we would otherwise be allowed to climb to FL150 (4550m) then.

When you are flying from west to east, this restriction starts at Hospental and ends at Trun.  For definitive, up-to-date and zoomable guidance, check the online glider chart.