Coordinates:  46°27’41″ N   8°13’40″ E   1360m ASL

Gluringen landing field, viewed from the west

Ritzingen landing field, viewed from the west

This is a large and frequently used landing field, half-way along the Goms, in the centre of the valley. It’s very easy to identify from a considerable distance in both directions, as there’s a small church right in the middle with no other buildings nearby. Once you are closer, the windsock is visible, about 30m east of the church.

Gluringen landing field, viewed from the north

Ritzingen landing field, viewed from the north

Unless held back by a south-westerly airflow, the breeze at ground level will usually be coming down the valley from the north-east, often around 30km/hr in the afternoon, but it’s usually laminar. Early in the day, if the valley breeze is light, thermals may pull the wind towards the sunny side of the valley. You should land in one of the fields with short grass, which may not necessarily be right next to the windsock.

Coming in to land at Gluringen from the east

Coming in to land at Ritzingen from the east

Very occasionally, you can encounter a convergence zone between the usual northeasterly from the Grimsel and southwesterly from Brig, moving back and forth here. If you are unlucky, this produces tricky landing conditions as the wind switches around; alternatively, you may be able to use it for a low save. Keep an eye on any flags in the general area, which may be pointing in varying directions if this is happening.

Once you have packed up, note that the nearest train station is Gluringen, to the east, not Biel, to the west.