Coordinates:  46°30’04″N   8°17’38″E   1350m ASL

The header image at the top of this page shows the Rhône glacier and Furka pass on the far left, Oberwald at the head of the valley, the Nufenenpass just right of centre, and the landing field in the lower right corner.

Ulrichen landing field from the south-west, with Münster in the foreground

Ulrichen landing field from the south-west, with Münster in the foreground

This landing field is located halfway between Ulrichen and Geschinen, and is bordered by the main road along the valley and the westerly end of the disused airstrip. There is usually a windsock to help you identify it from the air, and the valley breeze is likely to be coming from the north-east.  Usually, the wind at ground level is caused by the Grimselschlange, in which case it may be quite strong, particularly in the afternoon, though usually laminar.  Beware of this landing field when there is significant south overpressure, as this can cause föhn to flow down the Agenetal (the valley leading up to the Nufenenpass), resulting in turbulence here.

Ulrichen landing field from the north-west

Ulrichen landing field from the north-west, with the Nufenenpass on the left

If I am landing in this area, I usually choose the easterly end of the airstrip, as this is conveniently close to Ulrichen station, and there are plenty of wind indicators there.  However, this is not an officially recognised option, and you are more vulnerable to turbulence due to wind from the Agenetal.

There are no official landing fields further to the east.  Although I have sometimes landed at Oberwald when 100% confident that the wind was light, the Grimselschlange is often blowing at 40-50km/hr here from midday onwards, so this would only be a reasonable choice if you were certain that it was absent or weak.