Coordinates: 46°46’32” N 9°08’52” E 743m ASL

There is no official landing field at Rueun, but it has provided me with a convenient option a few times, when the strength of the valley breeze stopped me getting any further, or overdevelopment necessitated a prompt conclusion of the flight.

Lower half of the Surselva, viewed from the east, above Brigels

The village is fairly easy to identify from the air, as the first train station to the west of Ilanz is located here, about 4km from the town. The valley breeze here will nearly always be a moderate easterly, even if the meteo wind is from the opposite direction and you have been enjoying the assistance of a significant tailwind at altitude.

Flying downwind towards Rueun landing options

I have landed in each of the three fields shown with O in the picture above, chosen because they contained short grass and no livestock, and no-one appeared to mind.  I encountered a laminar breeze between 20 and 30 km/hr each time.  It was then just a short walk to the station, from which the last train along the valley floor back to Fiesch departs at 17:38.