Meteo links

The two sub-pages in this section contains links to current meteorological data, separated into sites which I use to look ahead to try to anticipate conditions in the near future, and those which I look at in the morning before I hope to go flying. You will find information explaining how weather factors influence the flying conditions around Fiesch under Winds.  Please be aware that my agenda is not to spot the really excellent days when it’s worth making a special effort to travel to Fiesch, but to identify when the chance of decent flying conditions is low, so that it makes more sense to make other plans!

I find the weather information on the Schweizerischer Hängegleiter Verband website quite useful, especially the forecasts for winds at various altitudes over the course of the day.  You can obtain access for a three month period for CHF 30, which is likely to be good value if you intend to stay in Switzerland for some time.

I can also recommend three Swiss sites which have a huge list of meteo links which you can check out; although they are in German, most of the weather information which they contain is in diagrammatic form and therefore comprehensible without linguistic skills:-



Flypara – optimised for smartphone