The local club website has a wealth of useful information, including a site guide and interactive map of takeoffs and landing fields.

The Fiesch Tourist Office website has links to everything from accommodation to webcams.

Many pilots who fly from Fiesch upload their flights to XContest, so this is a valuable resource for discovering what others accomplished in the same conditions, and identifying “air buddies” – others with whom you may have shared a thermal or glide.

The Daily Airspace Bulletin for Switzerland enables you to check if the Sion TMA is active.

The Federal Office of Topography provides detailed maps of Switzerland, which can also be overlaid with various layers (including airspace).

Tom Payne’s excellent XC Planner tool in combination with kk7 thermal/skyway maps may be helpful for flight planning.

The national rail company website includes train timetables for the local Matterhorn Gotthard Bahn and Post Bus networks, as well as details of half-fare travelcards.

The local flying schools offer courses at various levels, tandem flights, and general guidance.