Many pilots come to Fiesch to fly cross country, as the potential to achieve big distances from here is enormous.  Check out the XContest uploads on 7th August 2015 – more than 100 flights logged, totalling over 16,000km, including 84 over 100km, of which 22 exceeded 200km.

Unless stated otherwise, all the example flights in this section are mine.  I have tended to choose trickier flights rather than cruises at cloudbase well clear of terrain, as they are more educational than those made in easy conditions.  Links to Doarama/ayvri visualisations and XContest records are included to show how the routes have actually worked in practice.  Unfortunately, the 2018 migration of Doarama to ayvri resulted in a loss of the facility to show only parts of uploads, so I have had to add directions to fast forward to a specific point in many visualisations to start at the relevant section of many flights.

Route options


The Goms

Grimsel and Furka passes

The Urserntal

Andermatt and Oberalppass

The Surselva

200k FAI triangle

Evening flights